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What’s the calculation for Beijing Subway’s metered fares established on December 28th, 2014? How long are passengers allowed to stay in the subway’s non-free area for one trip?
Metered fares are used for the city’s rail transit (exclusive of the rail transit to the airport express line). For passengers traveling between 0-6 kilometers, the ticket price will be RMB3; 6 to 12 km (including 12 km) costs 4 yuan, and 12 to 32 km (including 32 km) costs 6 yuan; if their traveling mileage exceeds 32 kilometers, each 20 km costs 1 yuan. There is no ceiling for the fare.
Passengers are allowed to stay in the non-free areas for no more than 4 hours in each trip.
Is there any discount for Beijing subway tickets? Who is qualified for the discount?
For the city rail transit’s All-purpose Card users, 20% discount is granted for each trip after 100 yuan in total has been paid through the card within 1 month (calculated from 1st day of the month), and 50% discount after 150 yuan; after 400 yuan has been paid, no discount is granted.

How can I buy a common single ticket?
Common single tickets are sold at the TVMs and ticket office. TVMs accept 1-yuan coins, 5-yuan and 10-yuan banknotes. Please use the TVMs according to the instructions.

What are the instructions for using a single ticket?
It shall be used only by one person for one trip (without entering the card swiping turnstile more than 1 times) on the current day.

How can a passenger with no ticket or a damaged single ticket get out of the station?
The passenger should buy an exit-only ticket at the highest price of the tickets sold at such stop to get out the station.

What’s the treatment for entry/exit the non-free areas with a fake ticket, invalid ticket, forged ticket, without a ticket or by fraudulent use of other’s free-ticket permit?
Ten times the highest single ticket price shall be paid as the fine for entry/exit the non-free areas with a fake ticket, invalid ticket, forged ticket, without a ticket or by fraudulent use of other’s free-ticket permit.

How can I get an invoice for a single ticket?
The station shall provide a valid certificate for ticket reimbursement at the request of the passenger who has provided a valid ticket of current day. When a passenger requests a reimbursement certificate after buying a ticket through a TVM, the station worker shall first read the information of the ticket, and then provide the reimbursement certificate corresponding to his or her ticket price if the ticket is sold at current day at the station.

What’s the charge for travel exceeding permitted hours and permitted mileage?
Rail transit passengers are allowed to stay in the non-free areas for no more than 4 hours for each trip. In case of extra time, 3 yuan (lowest ticket price) shall be additionally charged before leaving.
3 yuan (lowest ticket price) is charged for extra time of single ticket, and extra mileage will be charged according to actual exceeding mileage. In case of both extra time and extra mileage, the charge will include the both fees for extra time and extra mileage. After the extra time or extra mileage is charged, the passenger exits by paying his or hernon-exceeding mileage.
Paying through the amount deposited in the all-purpose card or paying by cash are both accepted for delayed ticket buying. If the accumulated paid amount through the card has reached the amount qualified for discount, the discount is granted when the deposited amount is paid, while paying cash is not entitled to the discount.

All-purpose Card (public transportation card)
How can I buy an all-purpose card?
The cards are sold at all subway stations of Beijing. No certificate or license is needed for buying the card, and 20 yuan deposit shall be paid for the card. The first deposit amount in the card shall not be less than 20 yuan, and only the amount equal to integral multiples of 10 Yuan is accepted for recharge. (There is a 20 RMB deposit, and a 20 RMB minimum for your first charge. The only amount equal to integral multiples of 10 Yuan is accepted for recharge.)

What’s the treatment for all-purpose card holders’ requesting reimbursement certificate by providing the card’s valid purchase document?
The station shall provide the certificate for card purchase reimbursement if the all-purpose card holders request it by providing the card’s valid purchase document, and a remark stating that the invoice has been issued shall be included in the printed certificate. No invoice will be provided for the deposit.

What’s the treatment when passengers request an invoice by providing the recharge slip printed by a self-service device?
When passengers request an invoice by providing his or her recharge slip printed by a self-service device, the worker of the station shall check and made a remark on the slip before providing the valid invoice with corresponding amount; no invoice shall be provided if the slip is not true or not for the card’s recharge; no more invoice is provided if the remark on the slip states that the invoice has been issued.

Does the All-purpose Card allow overdraft?
Entry is permitted if the balance of the card is more than 3 yuan (the lowest ticket price), and overdraft is allowed for one time for exit. The overdrawn amount will be repaid when recharge is made.

Is there any requirement for card return and refund?
Only the cards which deposit amount no more than 100 yuan (exclusive of 100 yuan), have complete transaction records, readable information and good appearance without any physical damage (scratch, fracture, bending, punching, soak, additional film) are accepted at the stations for card return and refund. The number of cards for return and refund each time may not be more than 5. In case of incomplete transaction records or any overdraft, complete transaction records or overdraft repayment shall be obtained or made before card return and refund.

Which stations on the 15 lines of Beijing Subway handle the return and refund of all-purpose cards?
Route station
Line 1 Gu Cheng, Si Hui, Wang Fu Jing, Fu Xing Men
Line 2 Xi Zhi Men, Jian Guo Men, Beijing Railway Station
Line 5 Li Shui Qiao, Dong Dan, Yong He Gong Lama Temple
Line 6 Che Gong Zhuang West, Ping An Li, Shi Li Pu, Huang Qu, Dong Xia Yuan
Line 7 Guang An Men Nei, Jiao Hua Chang
Line 8 Bei Tu Cheng, Huo Ying, Gu Lou Da Jie
Line 9 Qi Li Zhuang, Beijing West Railway Station
Line 10 Zhi Chun Lu, Shao Yao Ju, Shi Li He, Feng Tai Zhan, Song Jia Zhuang, Ci Shou Si
Line 13 Dong Zhi Men, Da Zhong Si
Line 15 Wang Jing West, Hua Li Kan, Nan Fa Xin, Liu Dao Kou
Batong Line Ba Li Qiao, Tu Qiao
Changping Line Sha He Gao Jiao Yuan, Sheng Ming Ke Xue Yuan
Fangshan Line Da Bao Tai, Liang Xiang Nan Guan
Yizhuang Line Wan Yuan Jie, Rong Chang Dong Jie, Song Jia Zhuang
Airport Express Terminal 3, Terminal 2

What should passengers resort to for the questions about all-purpose card (Public transportation card)?
Passengers may resort to all-purpose card’s service hotline or the card-issuing company’s website for the card’s enquiry, consultation, suggestions or claims.
Service hotline of the card-issuing company: 88087733

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